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Features Store Design With, you get full control over the design of our store. You can use one of our pre-made templates, or delve right in and edit the html and css files yourself. Free templates to use in your store Use our templating engine to create your own templates Full control over the design of your templates Full developer documentation for creating custom templates. SEO-friendly pages Integrated product search engine Fully Hosted is a fully hosted and managed system. You don't need to mess around with your own servers, leave that to us. You just concentrate on running your own business. We handle the security of your site and your data. As we release new features for, you will have access to them immediatley Fully hosted by us Fast servers and lots of capacity, so ensure we can handle all your customers We handle the security of the system so you don't have to Free updates whenever we update the system Content Delivery Network for your images and static files to ensure super fast response times for your customers Products Using our simple and fast administration console, you can easily manage your online catalog of products and categories. Create products with multiple customizable attributes (e.g. size, color etc.) Maintain inventory and price for individual product variants Unlimited category depth Upload photos for each product or category. Ability to directly edit product descriptions in HTML. Control tax rates per product if necessary. Automatic inventory control (if desired) 3rd party inventory and drop ship support with Shipwire integration Payment and Checkout provides a number of payment gateways, and greate checkout features to ensure your customers can complete their purchase as quickly as possible. Maintain your own payment and checkout pages to fit in with the rest of your store. 256 bit SSL encryption to protect customers data Support for many payment gateways including Paypal,, Sage Pay, Stripe and BrainTree. Configure different processors for different payment methods. Allow payments in over 30 currencies, we automatically calculate the exchange rate and apply it to everything the customer sees. Limit shipping methods by location. Set shipping rates by shipping method and country. - - Copyright 2011 - 2019